Apr 3, 2013
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Okay, i'm new to FM what do you suggest i do at starting off
like i know the basics but what should i do at pre-season any tips/tricks
also the match prepartion on opposition any helps with that?
What I do when I take over a club:

1)Sack all the staff that aren't good enough (Usually 90% of them) -But keep your assistant to begin with even if you are going to sack him (He knows the club better so read his report first, then find a new assistant by using your current one to filter out unrealistic transfers, then sack him!)

2)Once I have hired new staff, have a quick look at the reserves and youth team and promote anyone with good potential to the first team.

3) Look through the first team squad, making players with good potential avaiable for reserves, and transfer/loan listing players that aren't good enough or have high wages which they don't deserve.

4) Read through my old and new assistant's reports, and the comparison between my club's players and the average attributes of players in the league

5) Make main 3 tactics based heavily on step 4.

6) Decided what positions I need to improve, and try to sign players for there (+Plus good potential players!)

7) Leave assigning all scouting assignments to my Chief Scout.

8) Hold a team meeting saying hi to all the players!

P.S. As a general rule, ignore friendly results and performances, exept for young players who don't have much ability but good potential and perform well - players aren't motivated for them and the only real purpose is to get fitness and make money! :)

P.P.S during pre-season leave match preparation at tactics only, with as much preparation as possible. During the season set it according to who you are playing and how your team performs (E.g. if you struggle to score have attacking movement, if you are playing tough opponents have defensive positioning or attacking set pieces, etc.)
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Oh and of course set player training for all my players, then change them every 3 months