FM 13 WORLD SUMMER TRANSFER UPDATE (20.07.2013) by jocar

Could you make every Rangers FC player 200/200 in CA/PA because we are the people and the best in the world.
Aw come on dude, we are the people, the friendly gers, the incredible bears n' all that! we beat barcelona in 1972, surely that should make us the best team in the world! ;)
And Red Star won the Champions League in 1991 and anybody anything!
Jocar, thanks for update. But link is not opened. Can you upload this update to ''mediafire'' ?
The link is broken - it downloads so much then fails.

A real shame as I enjoy your original update, my favourite so far and would have liked to play this new update. Keep up the good work!
any chance you could do a transfers pack just for the ones LFC misses out like croatia, serbia slovakia slovenia and belarus?