FM 2006 Kits

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brought the game at the weekend, and i like the fact it has the kits already installed. I started a game as Leeds, but when i look at premiership teams they don't have there kits showing, anyone know why? because of legal stuff maybe?
Yup it is a licensing issue. As EA Sports are still the only company who are allowed to use likenesses of clubs and players.
some awesome premiership kits here

Can't get them to work here, i've installed the kits in the correct place as stated in the readme (data\graphics\pictures\kits\clubs\eng) and they have not shown, started a new game and still no kits, anyone know if i'm missing something? :|
try this

According to the readme file that comes with the kits you have to extract it to: data\graphics\pictures\kits\clubs\england\