FM 2006 Old Tyme Story

Bart XB

Jan 30, 2012
First attempt at story. So I picked an old one in the cellar of the forum :)

I'm not even sure it was FM06. I do now Napoli were playing Serie C.

I wanted a challange, but ironically it turned out to be easiest rise to fame.

Because they had a great team (won everything in Liga C (?)), big stadium means big income, Napoli still had a name big enough to attract and pay Serie A players. Won Serie B undeafeted. Finished 2nd in my season back in Serie A. Became Champion in my 4th season. 2nd last game of the season I had to face Inter Milan (the leader and reigning champs) and I was 1 point behind. Last match we both had to play relegation teams. Inter hard enough with a goal, so I expect them to defend and I play extra attacking; Half-time 2-0. I change my strategy to be less gung-ho and manage to score twice. At that point I had bought Riquelme and Stankovic. 2-2. Not enough.
Clock is ticking, injury time. Penalty! What's his name (a Russian regen, insanely good) scores! I win the league.

Against all ods because Inter was 10x better, can't remember who my goalie was though. Which I still had those screens. I think this was FM05 or FM06. I'm not sure. I have all of them since Championship Manager 96/97

After that I won the Champions League 2x in row. My fourth season in Serie A Napoli was literally the best team ever. I won everything, had less than 10 goals against. Scored more than double the second team.

I got bored and my players were getting older. So I wanted a new challenge with a team where I could develop the next generation of great players. What better than Barcelona.

I bought Stankovic and my Russian Regen from my old team and invested a lot in youth players who I stalled in Barcelona B.

Play Messi like a midfielder (I played 4-4-2 Diamond. With Messi behind the strikers and Stankovic as CDM, although my CAM was essentially a third attacker and Ivan Regen and some other guy as strikers)

My left midfielder was Montolivo. When FM though the was great. I also had Guarin I think.

Barcelona was in bad cheap (that why they had fired their coach, so I could take over). I sold Et’o, Ronaldino & Deco right away.

Didn’t like Eto’o (in that game, I love the player, he’s great) and those other two were in there thirties but I still sold them for a **** ton of money (That’s how I bought Stankovic again, the fundament of my team and my Crazy Boris the Regen.

Also got Riquelme again as supersub, because Messi was still too young to play everthing.
I also got different GK during winter break because Valdez felt like a weak like.

Won the double that years. UEFA Cup and La Liga. Napoli without my help won the CL. Next years I finished 1[SUP]st[/SUP] and lost the finale against my old team Napoli.
After that they started declining, selling off top players, replacing them with regens mostly who weren’t that good I guess.

I probably got lots of details wrong because it’s over a decade ago. But that was about it. After that the game got boring again with winning everything.

Another thing I remember is that Stankovic only retired when he 38 or 39. He wanted to resign a few times but I talked him out of it. He eventually became my assistent.

I played a few seasons with Valencia until 2030 or someting, but at that point it was a regens and I lost interest :)