Jun 25, 2009
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Anybody else still having problems with crash dumps?

I'm using Steam.

Everytime i play a game, I get a crash dump error.

I create a new game, Play a match, Then when it''s loading to go to main screen when the match has finished, I get a crash dump error.

I've tried all the suggestions posted on here and other sites.
But nothing seems to work.

Had no problems with FM 10.

If i go on holiday in the game there's no crash dump error.
(But it's pretty pointless going on holiday for every game..)

Can anybody help?
Waste of money tbh.
same problem here

every crash dumps are different...im having the same problem as you...my crash dumps happen every time i watch a game...i can holiday through the entire game fine but the moment i decide to play/watch a game , then the game ends , it crashes...It happens when i press"continue' so the game can load out of the post-game into the news screen.

so far , i've tried everything and nothing works...many people who are having the same type of crash dumps havent gotten any our crash dump , please let us know.
Look at the solutions in these 2 threads here and here

Also check out the help thread in my signature and go through the solutions i have posted. See if they solve any of your problems