FM 2011 Database Super Editor File

Oct 23, 2013
Hi all,relatively new here so not sure if this was the place to put it.

I have played all the FM's up to FM 13 including the CM series before it.On CM 4 there was a database editor you could download to alter the general gameplay,which worked a treat.This gave me the idea to use the DB editor for FM 11 similarily.

For about two years I was playing an unedited databse and had got to the year 2020 and I didn't like what I saw : loads of clubs were either in receivership or in debt and globally there was a lack of promising youngster being regenerated.

I have spent about three years perfecting the database that i'd like to share.
It started off as a hobby but it consumed me :p

Around 250,000 individual edits.
Over 100 countries remodelled top to bottom.(Leagues,Players,Refs,Coaches,Facilities,Finances,Reputation etc)
No club has debt.
Thousands and thousands of players born 1994 or later with a current ability of at least 130.
I think i forgot to remodel Azerbaijan but was too lazy to edit :)

I just wanted to democratise football globally.The top teams both domestically and internationally are still top but the global playing field is far more level now.

Way way more to explain but would love to hear some feedback.