FM 2011 Tactics


Jan 2, 2020

So basically I'm just wondering if some of you guys can help with understanding how FM 2011 works.

Formation - explanatory.
Players roles & duties - explanatory.

Philosophy - Is that a style? Set high if you have great players and low if you have worse players?
Starting Strategy - Again is this to do with style and how your style has to make sense? Like if I set the team to attack then we would have to play a direct passing game? And also the better the players the more attacking your team can be?

Passing style - Explanatory.
Creative freedom - How much your players are allowed to use their own initiative i.e. 'creativity'
Pressing - Explanatory
Aggression - Explanatory
Marking - Explanatory
Crossing - Float for tall players and drill for short players?
Roaming - Explanatory

Basically it feels like I've tried every combination possible and still can't get the hang of it. It really feels like I don't get FM 2011. I've had some success but all in all it's a lot of failure. The style that I want to create is this:


Wide midfielders to create a shape and to make sure they don't stray too far from their positions and both set on attack.
One CM set on defend and the other set on attack.
Up top one Target Man set on support and one Poacher set on attack.
Two CD set on defend.
One FB set on defend and the other FB set on attack.
GK on defend.

Aggression set on higher.
Man marking.
Float crosses.
Rigid philosophy.
Direct passing.

Advanced instructions

Def line lower than usual.
Width wider than usual.
Quickness of passing quicker than usual.
Counter attack - should I switch on or off?


Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? I feel like this is a perfectly normal style and very easy to learn but I'm having no success with it. I want to implement a disciplined and direct approach which relies on physicality and aggression. You can call it old school English football. Can someone offer some guidance?

I've also got a backup tactic.


Short passing
Creative Freedom higher

DLPlaymaker as the DM set on support.
One CM set on defend and one CM set on attack.
Two IForwards set on attack.
One Complete Forward set on support/attack.

Two BPDefenders set on defend.
One fullback set on defend and the other set on attack.
One SK set on defend.

Very high defensive line.
Offside trap on.
Width and pace set on default.

Neither of these tactics are working. Can someone help me? What am I doing wrong? Is there some literature I can read which will help me understand FM 2011 better?


Also should I utilise the playmaker and target man option and the passing style to the target man? Or just leave it alone?

Big thanks!