Dec 6, 2010
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After organising a dozen or so games through hamachi that all fizzled out and lost contact with the players after a few days of playing at best i've come to the conclusion there has to be a better way.

What we need to build is a football manager online game network community where people can instantly see who is online and available to start up a game and have the social network features to keep in-touch with 'good & reliable' players.

Hamachi doesn't cut it for this goal because it doesn't provide more than 16 channel connections & it only provides basic messaging.

However there is an alternative in the Tunngle VPN software which is far superior to Hamachi & automatically sets up your networking options.

There is a dedicated Football Manager 11 room in tunngle so if anyone is keen help create a dedicated community there follow these steps:

1. Download :
2. Register a name.
3. Join the FM 2011 network room under: Network Explorer > Simulation > Football Manager 2011
Sometimes it's just luck if you find 3/4 people who are reliable and you have a good host. I've been playing network games with the same 5/6 people for the past 18 months and it's great because everyone turns up on time and they're a good friendly bunch.

I understand that there are lots of guys who just play for 2 nights then leave and it's really frustrating (had it happen to me so many times aswell), so maybe tunngle would be a good option for people in your situation. Good Luck
I`ve just downloaded and installed it now im just waiting for people to drop in so i can start a new game =)
Yeah Tiraths if you get lucky and can find a few regulars its great but best i've had is about a week and the players involved were sporadic after the first few nights.

Give it some time Nixa and i'm sure we'll build up a player base there.

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That's right FlyHigher, by the way what time do we start tomorrow. I didn't get any notification from Nixa!
No idea junior i'll be on all day pretty much so just send me a message.

Legendary yes there's still spots.
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flyhigher there is a problem with my tunngle it froze and wont let me join again sorry
Yeah that happens to me sometimes... try clicking on the room and pressing enter a couple of times. Works for me!
yeah it worked am back in

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are you comin????
We're already a fair way into this season dale, but slots will open up for season 2 so keep posted.

There's games other than ours running all the time, so pop in and ask around.

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Hey guys..I am on tunngle network right now. Join me if u are around :)
Are you guys on tonight? I just got my new computer up and running XD

Also we are looking for new players so drop in and say hello!
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i played about 5 unsucessful network games and gradually built up a few contacts, as soon as i know they are reliable and good lads i will add them on my msn under fm contacts, if they dont have msn il contact them by email or a pm on this website a couple of weeks before a game starts then when i know the numbers i put a thread on here asking for a couple more players. now whenever i host we have the same regulars as the core and usually let a couple of new people in and works great, we have 6 - 8 every night which is the perfect number and runs quick
Looks like you have it worked out pretty well cutsy, though at peak you get about 20+ people in the FM room on tunngle so there's always a chance to get a game going, which usually takes a few hours organisation on Hamachi.