Feb 21, 2011
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Okay, so I bought Football Manager 2011 on Friday and installed it on my laptop. It installed fine, and I loaded up the editor, then went to get a brew. I came back, and it still hadn't loaded. I thought I musn't have clicked it properly, so I did it again. Still wouldn't load.

I then tried to start the game itself, and although Task Manager told me that it was running and eating up memory, it just wouldn't appear. My laptop meets the requirements for the game, so I thought that it might just be a glitch, so I uninstall it, restart my laptop, then reinstall it. Still doesn't work.

I tried it on my computer and the same thing happened. I asked my mate about it, and he told me to try a ripped version that you can download (he said it's apparently okay coz I've already bought it) So I installed the downloaded versions on both my laptop and computer and it still wouldn't work.

Has anyone had this problem before? And if so, how can I fix it?
Normally,this problem is with NETBOOK users. So i assume u have Netbook.

Try playing in windowed mode!!