May 3, 2010
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Ok i wanted to wait until transfer window is done.
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Hi guys. I would like to but when i saw so much work ahead its hard.
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Guys can u merge fm 13 uodates from prO + fm 14 update from dixonn then its possible to do new update 16/17 and 17/18 if we just copy pasta fm 17 stats l. Also need someone with advanced editor skills
2013 updates 2018 or 2017

Hi fellow managers,

I personally prefer to play the 2013 series. I have all the seasons and do not like the over the top details of the most recent editions.

I want to still have the fun factor in the game which 2013 still caries without the "real job analytics" 2017 and 2018 posses.

I would really really really love if there is an update for 2013 with some more recent transfers database.

I would even be happy to make a contribution for anyone that could make this possible.

Thank you in advance.

I stopped after making half of the premier league transfers and stats adjustments ... i copied fm 17 and 18 stats. Everyone can do it but for me now vanilla game is the best. 13.3.3 is da best. Transfer updates are cool but unbalances the game in many different ways tbh i tried many things.
If u have new fms try copy pasta i suggest u to adjust leicester and rb leipzig and tevez to boca and u are well served for another portion of fun.
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