FM 24 Glitch to sign anyone on the game


Jun 3, 2018
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I recently got sent a video of someone using a game glitch so that you can make an offer of almost zero and it gets accepted every time for every single player on the game.
not sure if anyone else has seen this but i tried it and it worked, couldn't believe it.
not sure if the site mods will allow me to post it on here, but has anyone else seen this or come across it?
I'm in season 3 with wycombe and made the offer for haaland and it got accepted (but of course he rejected me)
Well i'm not against using exploits, this is a transfer exploit, many people use tactic exploits, for me it's all the same.
If you want to be true to yourself dont use them, if you are like me, junt want to have fun with the game, i avoid the use of these exploits.
Btw the players arent bought for 0, but for a joke amount of 2.5M.
I mean, you can buy in game editor and do anything you want, transfer anyone you wish to your club or make the best players ever.. I never had fun to use it in my saves, also i don't see fun in managing clubs with great players and big transfer budgets, but that's only me, others maybe have fun in doing other things and I don't blame them 😉