Fm 24 Ralf Rangnick's AUstria at Euro '24


Sep 5, 2023
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IntroductionArriving at Euro '24 without any pressure, Ralf Rangnick's Austria Surprised everyone by closing the group ahead of the favorites France and Holland who risked being eliminated in this round. Despite this, the Austrian team will exit in the first round of direct elimination against the other surprise of this continental tournament, Turkey , who will then be eliminated in turn by Holland.This does not erase the excellent work and the beautiful game shown by Austria led by the Red Bull school leader . Let's find out more about it.Tactical analysisNon-possession phase 4-4-2Possession phase 4-2-2-2 / 4-2-3-1ConstructionThe construction of the maneuver starts from the center with the defenders who distribute to the full-backs who carry the ball and find a clear path thanks to the movement of the two attacking midfielders in the finishing position, bringing the opposing full-back behind them or, if not followed, they are still free for the pass to the full-back carrying the ball. (read also Download and explanation of tactics and video analysis here