FM-Base FC - Assembling The Squad (Football Manager 2019)


Jan 2, 2009
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Hello, and welcome to FM-Base FC - Assembling The Squad! This will be a short introduction into my main Football Manager 2019 save, which will of course be with a created club/database, created by @TheFMEditor85

The Idea
Start in the lower leagues in English football, which league? At the moment it hasn't been decided, right now it'd probably be League 2, but the squad would be the worst squad in the league, CA wise - However, I didn't want my goal just to be improve, win each league and eventually get to the Premier League/Champions League level, I wanted something extra.

So, I plan to add members of the Stream Team/YouTube Team/Writing Team/Website Mods/Discord Mods/Twitter Admins and a few special guests within the FM community, into the game as free agents, all with a starting age of 16, with a random CA, but a PA of 150+ (also random) - So each player should end up being Championship/Premier League level.

I'd then have about 20 seasons to try and sign as many of them as I can, while climbing the leagues and attempting to win the Champions League.

But who are these free agents?

The Stream Team: @JHF_Gaming, @StannersFM, @JordTheFraud_, @DynamurTV, @FMU_tv, @OliPlays13 & @MozzaPlays

The YouTube Team: @BOBBYGGAMINGNZ, @CaptGoodspeed, @TobyJones22, @CookieFM_ & @iamauser8

Website Mods: (will update when I contact them) - A lot aren't around/active anymore

Discord/Twitter Mods: @RequestAKit, @21Maxwell, @SCH00LBU5, @wtforkgaming, @fryman7 & @JoshMufcWilson

Writers: @FmCatenaccio, @NewgenFM, @FMPoacher, @Steveymurray, @alexparkin90, @MikeSadlerFM19, Jaff22 & Mulder (will confirm their Twitter @s first with them)

Special Guests (not confirmed): @Cleon81, @DoctorBenjy, @Shrewnaldo, @fmFutbolManager, @MerryGuido, @TN_TheNorthman & @FoxInTheBoxFM

Now, I know you're probably thinking.. Wow, that's a lot! It is, but as the CA of them all will be random, it'll allow me to sign them all at different stages of the save, so by the time I finally get promoted to the Premier League, I should have already signed a fair few, with just the really high PA players left to sign. (hopefully) - And if I'm unable to sign any, it'll still be interesting and fun to see how each player's career has turned out.

That's the general idea for the save, I will be adding a few more rules for the save and some guidelines I'll need to follow, which will be announced on here before the full release of FM19. My idea is to update this thread after each in-game month, with club updates and player updates.

Each time this OP is updated, I'll let you guys know..

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So you don't need any players from here?

Not for this database, no. However, I do know for FM19 there will be some similar databases being made which will need users from the forum - So keep an eye out :)