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Sep 15, 2005
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Just thought I would post a few of the players making up the FM-Base FC squad at the moment.

As far as defenders go the best ones I have are <a HREF="">Ibrahima Faye</a>, <a HREF="">Valentin Babic</a>, <a HREF="">Hossain Kaebi</a>, <a HREF="">Carlos Magno</a>, <a HREF="k/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/07/emiliano_pap.jpg">Emiliano Papa</a> and <a HREF="">Mattia Cassani</a>. Oh and not to forget the hopefully hot prospect <a HREF="">Maroune Fellaini</a>.

I have some very good defensive midfielders in <a HREF="">Angelo Palombo</a> and <a HREF="">Maneuele Blasi</a> but my attacking midfielders and wingers are not the best. They include <a HREF="">Ilya Maximov</a>, <a HREF="">Daniel Fredheim Holm</a> and <a HREF="">Federico Arias</a>.

My attack is pretty sweet as I have two excellent strikers in <a HREF="">Tommaso Rocchi</a> and <a HREF="">Hamdi Salihi</a> and a good prospect in <a HREF="">Igor</a>. Hopefully these three will keep providing me with the goals I need to maintain a decent ranking.

If any of you have any screenshots of some of these players a few years into the future on FM 2007 I would appreciate it as FM Live is currently using the same database as the 7.0.2 patch.
2011 best i can do Pinata boy.
Cheers Kris :thup:
Oh Kris, what skin is that, looks quite good.
Pfft another nice skin full of bugs that make it virtually unusable. :(
Yeh I know that's the only reason I didn't use it. :(
Some screenshots Sean incase there's some Kris didn't have, and Siple is average, i use Zero i think its called :)
Cheers Redders. They help a lot. :thup:
Just wondering when you download a skin where do save it or what do you do with it because it doesn't come up in my game?
Should of opened a new topic and asked this mate, but:

Download the file, and save it in:

C:/Program Files/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2007/Data/Skins

Then open your game, options>preferences>display and sound then select the skin.