Fm-Base FM13 goal of the month competition


Feb 6, 2009
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Ok peeps,

not sure if anyone is keen for this but I would like to have a poll/voting system going for Fm13 goal of the month from all of our users...

Upload your video of the goal you would like to be entered and we can start voting for the best goal..

Or just upload your best goal in Fm13 to date which will be entered automatically anyway :)

Here is mine I just scored against Man United, I was 3:0 up at half time, but my players let me down in the second, still won 3:2 though

I forgot to change my preferences to 1080p but you might be able to see it.
Wellington Nem has been scoring some screamers for me lately but this is my favourite just as it was against the scum and embarrased shchchcesnncnzy!

for those who cant see it, nem screams it past the keeper, it hits the cross bar and smacks him in the back of the head, knocks him over and bounces in :D
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