FM-Base Needs Your Help!


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Jan 2, 2009

Hello everyone

Some of you might remember me, I assume most of you probably won't. I became a member in 2009, and I was a very active member on here for many years, specially during the days when FM-Base was THE place to be for FM content and downloads, a few FM's ago I reached out to Sean about helping him out with the @fmbase Twitter account (I think it was 2016?) when it had around 7,000 followers and I've managed to take it to where it is now, we've just hit 23,000 followers and we are still growing strong each month. There are very few FM accounts with more followers, we are one of the biggest around.

Now, many of the more popular FM sites these days are strictly for the downloads and FM tools, with their Twitter accounts providing a place for discussions, debates etc, but being an old school FM-Base user, the forum style is more preferable to me.. So, I'm giving myself a little project, try and make the website as busy as I can for and during Football Manager 2019, which is out on November 2nd, which gives me a little over 2 months to get everything sorted.

My aims:

I want to gather a writing team who'll help with pushing out content on the website; Team Guides, tactic posts and reviews, player reviews, training and scouting tips, overall tips, tricks and guides content that people will find interesting and will bring people back to the website.

I also want a YouTube team, as I plan on launching an FM-Base YouTube channel to provide some exciting and interesting content on there, along with a little FM-Base stream team, all of this will not only provide promotion for the website, the creators will also get something in return, we can help bloggers/writers gain more attention to their own work, same for YouTubers and Streamers, I can also offer various Social Media tips I've learnt over the years..

Along with @fmbase, I have taken Twitter accounts from 500/1,000 followers to 10/20/30,000 followers within 6/7/8 months, I help run a Sports Twitter account with close to 200,000 followers, when it comes to Twitter I have the knowledge to help those "smaller" account and content creators. And it's the smaller, lesser know content creators I want, as I want to help people grow their Twitter account, YouTube Channels, I want to help someone who maybe gets a few hundred views a week on their blog and turn that into a few thousand views a week and so on.

If you would like to know more, or simply just want to throw some ideas our way, please do so! You can post on here, tweet us: @fmbase or join our new Discord server here:

If you are interested in becoming apart of either the writing/content team or already do YouTube/Streaming and want to get involved, please get in contact on here or tweet us: @fmbase and I will get in contact you with as soon as possible.

Let's make FM-Base great again!