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Dec 17, 2008
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Here are some guidelines to help you get a netgame up and running.

First of all, if you are new to net gaming/unsure how to host or join, then i suggest reading our guide on how to join/host a net game. I suggest then going to our looking for a network game thread, this is the easiest way to take part in a net game.

If you wish to host a net game then create a thread about it. Please follow these guidelines.

1. Post the days that the net game will be played.

2. Post the times the net game will be played on each day.

Something like this should be fine:

Monday: No game
Tuesday: 1900-2300
Wednesday: 1800-2200
Thursday: No game
Friday: No game
Saturday: 2000-0100
Sunday: No game

4. Please list which country and league you will be playing in, and all other active countries and leagues.

5. State which patch you will be using and also if you are using a custom DB or a standard one.

6. Please list any other rules specific to your game, ie 'no poaching a human managers staff' or 'no 48 month transfers' etc.

Dont forget to post your contact details and/or the hamachi details to make it easy for others to join your game.

The only thing that people should then ask in your thread is if they can join, and then choose the team they want to manage. You can update your OP to show which teams have been taken to make it easier for other people.

Basically try to make it as easy as possible for users to join your game, rather than 'whats going on?' 'what league?' 'what days will we be playing?' etc being posted by potential players.

Happy net gaming :D
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This will be useful Jake, thanks :D
Most regular members know this but it's helpful for the newcomers wanting to start their own game :)