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Jan 2, 2009
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Mozza Gaming is a Scottish streamer, who also writes FM & football articles and is part of the official Football Manager research team. Having started out in April 18', he is still new on the scene, becoming known for his partnership with Scottish Lowland League club BSC Glasgow and his Twitch series 'Rapid Reborn' which revived Rapid Bucuresti. For this year's game, Mozza is on a journeyman adventure, starting out with MTK Budapest in Hungary and traveling anywhere in the football world!

Streaming Schedule (UK times):
Tuesday - 21:00 till late
Thursday - 21:00 till late
Saturday - 10:00 till 12:00

As mentioned above, Mozza also write FM & Football articles, when he's not streaming, you can find his previous work and his future work on his blog, which is here:

For Football Manager 2019, he'll be starting his career with MTK Budapest - If you're asking, why MTK? This should clear a few things up:

The aim of this thread is: Ideally, each time Mozza goes live on Twitch, there will be a link posted in here, so each of you can find his stream and come watch with us, but this can be a dedicated place for him to get feedback about his streams, ideas and suggestions for the stream and most importantly I think, somewhere creator and viewers can interact whilst he's offline.

That is a small introduction to Mozza, this OP will get updated more and more in the coming weeks.
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Dec 4, 2017
Hey folks! :D

Welcome to my thread. I'll dive in here at least a few times every week, so please feel free to leave any messages, feedback, ideas and so on for the stream here.

For now, I'm giving away 2 copies of FM19! One draw will happen on Saturday 20/10, the other on Saturday 27/ have a chance of winning, head to my Twitch channel, hit "Follow" and then type "!win" in the chat. Good luck all.