FM-Base Tactic Testing Formula: Key Highlights


Staff member
Jan 7, 2011
Plymouth, United Kingdom
Here's the Key Highlights of our Tactic Testing league

The Custom Teams

We created two custom teams for our testing, a CA145 team (Sub-Top) and a CA120 team (Underdog). These teams accurately represent the two major players in the game. We felt it was a silly idea to test with a favourite team as I could create a **** tactic with 10 attackers and probably still win most games with Barcelona.

Removing the variables
It's literally impossible to remove every variable from the game but the ones we can control we are controlling. We have made sure reputation is accurate to how most players would be playing the game and we have ensured that morale, fitness and various conditions are frozen for all 46 teams in the testing league.

The 44 other teams
The 44 other teams in our testing league are made up from the top leagues around the World. The tactics will be pitted against the likes of Barcelona, Arsenal, Manchester City, Anderlecht, Ajax, AC Milan, Juventus, etc.. We really aim to make the tactics struggle.

No transfers can happen. We have a completely custom made league.​

I realise there is a lot more I could add to this, I just wanted to go over the main things people care about. If you have any questions, let me know!