Tyler Berry

Oct 26, 2011
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FM Champions cup

Okay, I'm intending on starting a knock-out cup , on FM. The idea, won't be a long-term game, it'll be one tournament, with teams of your choosing. That i'll design on the editor.

Depending on interest, this will most likely be 2 groups of 4, playing each other twice, with the top two , reaching the semi-finals. Teams will not be edited, and you can be any domestic club.

This is your chance, to prove you're the best.

The group games will be done over two nights, then the finals will be done on an agreed date, decided by those who qualify. Also there will be no club transfers, so this'll come down to your tactics more than your buying power. Obviously clubs are going to be better than others, and they will be chosen on a first come, first serve basis.

If you're in, comment you're steam name, and choice of club below.

I'll be Chelsea.
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Just leave the team you want to be, and your steam name
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I have skype but only on ipad not pc, you've already got me on steam, my steam is pez961 and the team I'll be is man utd
i'd love to join this. does anyone know a way to find out your steam name because i forgot it
Okay so i've got
Myself - Chelsea
pez961 - Man Utd
Mike97lfc - Real Madrid
thorfinn5 - Bayern Munich
SMP20 - Juventus
Jordan59 - AC Milan
Caine97 - Barcelona
Joggle0 - Arsenal
Jokersgoons1992 - Man City
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I'm going to lower the teams to 8 instead of 16. So we need one more, then we'll have all the participants.
One more person to join, I'm aching to play this
When is this looking to start? I can start tonight but won't be free tomorrow.
Tyler berry don't you have a mate who can play, wanna get this going tonight