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Get in the Van.
Sep 15, 2005
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What is your FM2005 fantasy team?. Go off your own version of the game, so if you have original version Robinho will be at Santos i think. If you have updates he will be at Real... etc..

Set it out like this if you would.

Position - Name - Team at Start - Cost

GK - Iker Casillas - Real Madrid - 30million+

DR - Anthony Vanden Borre - Anderlecht ? - 250k-2.5 million

DC - Vincent Kompany - Anderlecht - 4-6million

DC - John Terry - Chelsea - 24million

DL - Dedé - Dortmund - 7-20million

ML - Arjen Robben - Chelsea - 24million

MC - Xabi Alonso - Liverpool - 20million

MC - Bastain Schweinsteiger - Leverkusen - 20million

MR - Cristiano Ronaldo - Man Utd - 21million

FC - Lebohang Mokoena - Orlando Pirates - 100k

SC - Fernando Cavenaghi - Spartak Moscow - 4.6million
FM Fantasy teams are pointless though. Its jsut a normal fantasy team really.

Unless youre stupid like reddders & think the likes of Lebohang etc are better than Adriano etc.

Maybe if you put a value cap on it etc.
yea my dream team from the start of fm would rather have puyol at rb than vanden borre, adriano or henry or ronaldnho than mokoena, rather have rio ferdinand or nesta than kompany at the start and if those prices you put on are what they are likely to cost they are waaaaay off the mark