Dec 27, 2009
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Alright guy's. Being English, when I play Football Manager I always start playing in the English leagues, usually start with the EPL and then work may way through the lower leagues after getting to grips with the game. However, I have recently tried starting games in the other major leagues such as Spain, Italy and Germany. For some reason, I find I cannot stick at these games and become bored very easily, for some reason if I'm not managing in England the game becomes less enjoyable for me. I guess this is because I have more knowledge of the English leagues than any other and watch English football on a regular basis, other than that though I cannot understand why I can't bring myself to manage anywhere else in the world and I feel this means I am missing out on certain aspects of the game.

Was just wondering if anyone else experiences something similar to this, doesn't obviously have to be with England, but are you attached to one country to manage in?

im the same:)
dont know all the players in the other countries
but ave heard of and seen the majority in the first few english leagus
There are very few teams who I can manage outside of England, I don't think it is bias, I'm sure Spanish players do it for their league as do Italian, German, Dutch etc.

Plus English LLM is sooooooooo much easier.
There are very few teams who I can manage outside of England, I don't think it is bias, I'm sure Spanish players do it for their league as do Italian, German, Dutch etc.

Plus English LLM is sooooooooo much easier.

I couldn't think of any other word lol, it's more like an attachment to a certain league, couldn't think of the right words.
No, but I don't have your 'problem'. Which is being English <)

I actually prefer Germany TBH. The Bundesliga is probably the most exiting league int the world from a neutral perspective, most average goals per game, highest crowd numbers ect. But probably the biggest reason I like to manage in Germany - No work permits! :D

I'm Aussie BTW.
I would say that there is no country-attachment involved. I am Indian and I have managed all sorts of teams-Bury FC, Juventus, Werder Bremen, Schalke, Sevilla, Valencia, Manchester City, Newcastle, Liverpool, Udinese, CSKA Moscow, Zenit St. Petersburg- at least for 2 seasons each. It just depends I think on people and their choices.

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Oh yeah-and national teams like Germany, Wales (won Euro 2016 and finished 3rd in WC 2018), India (took them to the WC 2026 semis) and England
I'm not like that, I can manage anywhere happily and successfully :D
I alwas load Scotland though I rarely go a team. Usually I go in the Blue Sqaure Maybe because its the lowest you get and it's the easiest by far.

I load up Scotland , England , France , Italy , Hollond , Germany , Spain , Brazil

all to the bottom tier?
I'm quite the same actually, usually manage in my home league. I am playing a leeds game now though, which I find quite entertaining, but the work permits kind of put me off.
I love managing in other Countries - especially Germany, Holland and Belgium.

Its a whole different dimension to the game if you ask me!
I rarely manage in England. I guess I know the Argentine and Spanish players the best but I like to play as Sporting Lisbon: great youth facilities, good team (but not too good) in a mid-tier league. Overcoming Benfica and Porto is difficult (in FM10 it was **** near impossible because of Hulk, in my long term save he became the best striker in the game but didn't want to leave and would have a rating of about 8.5 with over a goal a game) and the Champions League is always a challenge. I almost always get out of the group stage but I usually have bad luck in the knockout rounds. Either I have to go against Real Madrid or Arsenal or if I get an easier opponent we underperform (usually bad defensive mistakes).

I usually just buy young players from Argentina but mostly I just use scouts...I don't think my player knowledge is great, but between scouts and suggestions on FM as well as prior experience, I usually get by just fine even if I don't know the league. I'm surprised it's not the same with you guys...although the English do tend to stick to their own kind.
Always start in Portugal, with Benfica. Strangely, never really managed anyone outside of Portugal or England (national teams not included) - Portugal for the emotional attachment, England for the money.
I agree. I can't seem to leave England or I just lose concentrating on the game, and I think its to do with I have a lot of knowledge in the English League, but no where else, so I use what I got. I can go to Italy as 2nd best, although the teams that offer me a job are the ones who I can't work with haha.
Germany is the only place I can really have a go at other than England. Other countries seem too dissimilar in their rules, set-ups and calendar.

I'm a man of simple tastes.
I've managed in 5 or 6 different countries for several seasons, don'«t have that issue, I know a LOT of players.