Dec 25, 2012
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Heya :)
Was curious as to weather anyone has managed to access and actually download tactics off this elusive site.
Found a great Conte Juventus tactic but unable to actually download it, and give it a try.Anyway, as a big fan of Conte's work found it difficult to actually find a working similar tactic, I've tried to create my own which well to put it bluntly sucked.Would appreciate any help if anyone could get it off this website :)

Link to Website and tactic
FM2013 - [02/02/13] finally came out Juventus dedicated 352 tactical tactics! 300 weeping!
0 goals in 30 games.... no way!!!!!!!!!!!
0 goals in 30 games.... no way!!!!!!!!!!!

has anyone been able to register in fm korea? always gives me an error. need to register to download the tactic
wtf does this mean: [FONT=돋움]User ID + number with alphabet as first letter between 3-20 characters and must be initiated by the U.S.. ???????[/FONT]
This tactic dont work fo me. I tested with Dortmund, Monaco, ZSKA Moskau and Boca.
Don't use google translator, just acess the website with original link and then download. It work for me.
yeah, tactic isnt very good at all!
Oh right, and yeah I got that crazy error, and oh seemed a decent enough tactic but the english on there is a little messed up and cheers