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Sep 15, 2005
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Got this in an email the other day. I think the price is far too high for what it is. I know I won't be joining, shame as I was looking forward to it :(

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Cant belive its so expensive, according to SI

Sports Interactive has announced that the game will require a monthly subscription fee, which they believe will cost about "the price of a few pints per month to play".

Where does SI drink?

If you want to play online why not buy the game for a tenner and play a net game with friends, which is more satisfying, or if your looking for a game where every team is human managed go on an fm website where there are plenty going on and play that
Yup thats a joke, why pay that and not have any decent players and do ****?
yeah 36 quid for the year for beta players - we all did beta didnt we? if i was bothered - which im not cos i didnt really enjoy it - i wouldnt begrudge paying that for a year

its just the price of a game for a years play which is just like buying the real fm or something not too bad really
Yeh if the game was decent it wouldn't be too bad. It's just the fact that there are still big things wrong with it and too many ways for it all to go wrong.
yeah not a chance id pay 73 quid for a year of it is was a pretty poor game really i thought it was hard to get into and lost its thrill after a few days. should just make the online play of fm better
Can't see it doing well at all with those prices. I aint been on it for months but sounds like it still isnt all that!
Yep, prices are to high. Even though it sound's like something really great and that i would like to be a part of but the prices just makes me think i'm just better off buying the game every year.
it wouldn't be bad if it was still half price after a couple of years when it's not all buggy but it will go up after that.
I got a 95 days promotion card in order to review the game for this site.. Hmm i suck so bad so far :(
Got any links to previosu reviews?
It's not that bad for a year I suppose.

Especially if you look at the price you would pay for other MMO's.
Really to be honest you should just get loads of mates and play a network game on fm09.
Which is free.
I just think that SI are asking for TOO much!!!