May 20, 2012
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I'm looking to start a network game as I've just got a new laptop with 5 star FM computer performance. The reason for starting next week is to get more people into the game and because I finish working nights at the end of this week. However, if a lot of people want this game start date can be put back until next Saturday (27.07.13) so that we can run the latest LFC Marshall update that comes out on that day. I will be running any leagues that are requested and if you want to play in this game just add me on steam (riggy107) and send me a message. This game will be up and running on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday night as we don't want to overplay the game and therefore a lot of people dropout. However, if players wanted to I could also play every Sunday. If you're interested then add me on steam and message me with the team you want to be, leagues you want to be loaded, times you are available to play and whether or not you would like to add the sunday into the timetable. Cheers, Ryan.