FM11.1 Tactics/Training Schedules - Import problem.


Feb 25, 2010
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I'm having trouble managing my tactics downloads as well as training schedules, I've downloaded the .rar/.zip's, extraced the .TAC's and what not, made a "Tactics" and "Schedules" folder then moved the files in there.

Everything is as it should be.

But when I enter the game they don't show up. At all.

That's frustrating and sad, mostly frustrating. Any help to be found 'round here ?
I know that, but I can't import what I can't see/click.
i take it you made the tactics and schedules folders in user documents/si/fm11 ??
wasnt those folders already there in the first place,you sure there isnt 2 sets of folders called schedules and tactics,i never had to make the folders as they were already there.
some people have found trouble finding the tactics once imported but not trouble importing them seems strange,its pretty straight forward
if those 2 folders wasnt there and you made them make sure they are named schedules and tactics not schedule and tactic,its common for people missing an s off the end could be as simple as that
i have the same problem i had the demo and inported some tactics but when i got the full game (not downloaded ) i cant even find the folder marked tactics ,
the mind boggles
help if you can
I have the same issue. Downloaded the training schedules and saved them into a folder within FM2011 called schedules (i had to create the schedules folder) and saved it as .rar file but when I go into FM and try to import them, the schedules folder is empty. I have tried deleting them and downloading again loads of times but always the same issue. I have also tried a few different schedules in case it was an issue with the file but always get an empty folder.

Any ideas anyone????