FM11 is crashing with increasing frequency 5 seasons in...


Oct 20, 2009
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The first crash happened during season 2-3 immediately after a save (error message was "FM has encountered a critical error and needs to close") . Thereafter it began crashing with increasing frequency - started off being only once every say 20 games but now 5 seasons in and it seems to crash once every 1-2 matches played. THe crash is always the same... the screen kind of freezes, cursor can move but cant click on anything and then after about 30 secs it begins to fade to desktop with the error message stated above. I'm patched to the lastest (1.21) but was wondering if anyone else has encountered this?
Same thing happened to me . Solved it when I removed the sound pack I had installed . Are you using any such add on , if so then maybe you should remove it and then see if it is fixed .
No, not using any add-ons. I'm beginning to think the only solution might be to start again with a full reinstall. Very frustrating, 5 seasons down the tubes but still hoping someone might be able to help...
Not sure but if you reinstall , you saves wont be gone I think . The problem could also be because you loaded too many leagues . If you keep getting the problem then you might have to do a full reinstall .
Just to be sure, you could temporarily move your saves somewhere safe like the desktop, do an uninstall then manually remove all Sports Interactive folders from both the Program Files and Documents as they may remain. Then do a complete reinstall before moving your saves back in.
nothing happens to your saves when you reinstall, they are kept in an entirely different folder
Have you altered your save alot with FMRTE? :>
Thanks All for your help and suggestions. I havent used FMRTE at all and believe the problem is in the saved files themselves - I think one became corrupted and as I saved over the others, so did they. In the end I have done a full reinstall, deleted all saved games and started again. Very frustrating. At least with the editor I can "cheat" to the extent that I put the finances and team stats up to where they were before it all went pear shaped.