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FM13 Recent problems and old things that bug me.

Feb 5, 2010
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Anyone having problems with Players making mistakes and recent tactics not working, every save file i have had apart from the passed two weeks i have been brilliant and only recently since making new games my GK, defenders have been horrible for mistakes , I can see the point if i was reading or bury but i have been Man United and Real

I hope this is fixed soon as it is so fake , before it was the odd mistake in a season but now it is like 20+ a season.

Player stats or PA i have had problems with the start. Like Cleverley and welbeck's potential is horrible especially cleverley. But most annoying one is Cristiano Ronaldo's Stats are so bad, His composure is horrible does SI pay attention to see how many goals he scores in real life , There are far more players who deserve to be better and some worse. So don't think i only care about United and Madrid players these are just the ones i notice from being them.

let me know your thoughts.
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