FM13 Request a Player screenshot

If someone could post screenshots of the following Macclesfield players I would be really grateful:
Jay Burgess, Paul Lewis, Josh Green, Keith Branagan, James Bolton and Joe Connor.
could i get a screenshot of danny welbeck sometime in the future please? i want to see how good he turns out? :)
I guess that this is little to much in future but here it is

hmm, doesnt seem like he goes up as much as i expected, if you dont mind could i see a picture of his shape on the octagon thing please? :)

cheers mate really appreciate it if you dont mind could you get us a screenshot of alen halilovic too? :)
Aha, alright thanks a lot mate that's all for now ;-)
Can someone please post a SS of Oriol Romeu / Illarramendi / Koke / Tachtsidis / Camacho and Ignjovski when they are fully developed? (2017 - 2020)

Wasn't sure where to put this but for anyone that's interested, I approached Tim Cahill suggesting a move into coaching midway through my second season at New York Red Bulls (July 2013). He offered to take on a Player/Coach role which was perfect really. Anyway, here are his staff attributes after he offered to move into coaching.

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I know it's early on but he's got a lot of potential as a Coach or even as an Assistant Manager. he's pretty skilled already and he's currently on my coaching team handling the tactical side of things with the players. Ideally I plan to offer him the Assistant Manager's position in the future. Only problem at the moment is that he is still on an exceptionally huge wage, and will be until 2014 unless he accepts a pay cut!