FM13 Updated Game Transfers (Falcao, Moutinho, James Rodriguez to Monaco) + more!!!!!


Dec 13, 2012
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Add me on Steam if interested owusu26 skype joel.o26
Time from 6pm-11pm(chanagable if it doesnt suit you)
Major Leagues Brazil England France Germany Holland Italy and Spain
Extendent Matches included
Search : FM13 Updated Game Transfers password: chelsea
This Game includes big money moves with players such as: Gotze, Falcao, Moutinho, James Rodriguez and the four goal hero Robert Lewandowski! Plus updated managers with Jose Mourinho back with the blues!!!!!! So come play with mega rich Monaco or manage Bayern Munich with Robert Lewandowski and Mario Gotze, you wouldn't wana miss out on this game!!!!!!!
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Where do you search for it?
Or is it a downloadable database?..cheers
Go to join online game and search FM13 Updated Game Transfers and play with it sorry by the way its not downloadable at the moment will be soon
you wanna play now with me now? Search : FM13 Updated Game Transfers password: chelsea? and when you search can you tell me how many games come up cheers
yh thats fine but the transfer take place on the 1st of July but am on the 1st of Jan so u can make transfers sorry add me as a friend on this and my steam name is owusu26
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okay then, this log in on hamachi? or just of fm havent done network game on 13 only 12