FM15 best goals thread


Jul 15, 2012
Hi there!

I noticed there is already a forum thread for funny moments videos, but I haven't found any for the best, meaning nicest, or most spectacular goals yet.
I just LOVE to watch nice and spectacular goals, so please DO post them here, and not only for my own, but for everyone else's etertainment and fun!
Normally not only your team's goals count, but their opponent's ones too, so feel free to post even conceeded goals here as well, if you consider them for nice or spectacular enough.
You can also add comments to posted goals, if you consider it for necessary or important.

True, I can, and did watch a lot of them separately on Youtube videos, but this forum thread here could be FM15 fan's "gathering depot" for best goals, or at least some sort of our, forum-visitor's storage for them.

As for myself, I do have a both a scored and a conceeded goal, which should definitely deserve a place here, the only problem is that I have NEVER EVER saved and posted a single gameplay-video anywhere in my life, so I will need a help of someone more experienced in that matter.
So far all I have learned was how to save a match in FM15, (I bought it on Steam, if tha helps), so now I need somone to explain me how to continue, what shall I do next?
Please remember, I wish to post here ONLY the goals from my matches I saved, and not all of them, but ONLY those I consider for nice and spectacular enough!

Any explanation or guidance regarding this matter will be appreciated, thank You!
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