FM19: Rate My Regen Thread

Sep 8, 2010
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[FONT=&quot]New FM, new thread

[FONT=&quot]Have you found a gem of a regen from an obscure country that you have never heard of, got him capped and feel proud?[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Want to get your regen rated as you feel that he is the best regen ever?[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Maybe you want some advice on your regen, how to play him, what should you train him on?[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]There is no specific format to follow, just post up a screenshot of your regen! If you need to, also along with your screenshot you could have a bit of background information about him, like where you got him, how much you paid or anything similiar.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]If you don't know what a newgen is, then here is a short explanation:[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]A randomly generated player that the game throws out to compensate for retirements etc... This is so you don't end up with no players in the game after you have played for a long enough time for all real players to retire from the game. These can normally be identified by the 'Newgen face' which looks like a computer generated face, although these can be turned off, so don't dismiss someone's player due to the lack of face.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Please, only post newgens in here. Feel free to tell us about how good they are, how you found them, what you paid, their goalscoring records etc. Also, feel free to comment on other peoples newgens! Although, don't be the **** that goes 'OMG U EDITED HIM', because at the end of the day, it's just a game, people shouldn't post edited players, but if they do it's not a massive deal.[/FONT]
A regen I got him at Leicester city and pulled him with me to Barca


In my 3rd season with Mk Dons in the Championship.
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Payne (ST) bought for 200k. Frederick (AM) bought for 10k. Both look like they will be EPL players

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.Salerno (RWB) for free from Australia. Dean (AM) for 10k. Both very promising
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O'Riordan (ST) for 350k. Scarr (GK) for 2k. Both again look like they can develop in EPL players.

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Grocott (ST) came through the academy and hopefully will become a club legend
Some of the best newgens I've found on FM19 have been first-day ones. They typically generate as free agents, but sometimes at clubs as well. The mini-patch last month took that way. They still happen but you will no longer find 5-star newgens that way. Probably not even 1 stars. Sad but it wasn't exactly reaslistic to be able to load up on 5-6 newgens of 150 PA or better on free transfers on Day 1 of a new save.
I've just had this lad pop up in a save which is entering the 4th season. He seems to be pretty popular with others and has already been attracting offers of over 1.6 million. He's definitely not ready for the first team yet but I'm not letting him go just yet.
my best regens to start with is my big money signing for 22/23 season




next up an absolute steal is deffo gonna be best cb in game




i accepted a wild offer from psg for rashford who is prob best striker in game atm for me due to having this regen who could come in and replace him came through youth intake



next up is being moulded into pogbas replacement my next carrick/scholes



more to follow soon after some opinions on this batch :D
my highest quality regens

my number 1 regen world class currently 4.5 star ca absolutley amazing best cb in the game slightly better then de ligt and he only cost 3.3m to buy absolute steal


next up is my superstar who i've earmarked as pogbas replacement
look only 4.8m from aberdeen



rashford replacement who am i gonna make the best goalscorer in man utd history of all time (my goal of this save)


Cost me 2.5 from Rennes but worth it