FM20: Funny and Random Thread

Rudy (37), son of Miguel (33) and Roy (29). There's something in the water down there.
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This is just INSANE, Real Madrid going full power on the market :

I have 27 years old regen keeper that has a CA of 180. I first noticed in january that his value was a risiculous 12,5 million and it keeps dropping. It's now at 10 million in march. His old contract isnt up but has agreed to a new contract taking affect at the end of current season. What the **** is going on?!
I heard of naming companies after a person but never naming a person after a company
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Saw that in my save :
13 goals in 4 international matches lol !

2 official games against Lichtenstein (9 and 4 goals for him) !!! HAHAH very funny because so unrealistic :ROFLMAO::LOL:

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Harking back to FM17, but the Germans must have a different idea of what a 'takeover bounty' is.

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What's the weirdest/funniest managerial appointment you've seen in FM? Mine is Neil Lennon becoming manager of Juventus.
So I was looking at UCL team of the season:


And I noticed Botheim, Real Madrid striker in it, who played total 38 minutes in whole competiton. LOL

I have a player who has been 12 out of 23 times player of the week in Serie A. He isn't even playing well, he isn't in team of the week, but yet another glitch puts him player of the week every time