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Apr 12, 2009
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As always with every year, feel free to post your successes here.

Ill start with mine, and my success is only having 1 save so far! Making it all the way to the year 2029.

Job History.PNG

Technically not my success as I dont manage the South Korean team, but my ST has this record!
Fantastic. !!! every year I try and get new stadium built, can be frustrating at times but when it happens it’s a great feeling. Last year I got wolves new stadium after 15 seasons..... the funniest new stadium ever built In one of my saves was back in the old days of championship manager...think it was 99/00 or 98/99.... myself and my mate done a long save together he took Bristol rovers all the way to premiership saved up 70/100 million to spend on new players at the start of the new season, however the board decided to build a new stadium taking all his money and leaving him over 100 million in debt. He got sacked 10 games into the new season due to him not being able to control the clubs finances..... how unlucky !! ??
Season one with Colchester on my Mike Bassett Twitch challenge:

I like to think the first season was a huge success.
I have absolutely no idea how I managed to pull this off. But I'm actually smashing it with King's Lynn. Back to back promotions since starting the save, and now in League 2.

Kings Lynn 0.png

Kings Lynn 1.png
So I'm playing with Stade Poitevin, tier-5 in France.
After 2 seasons I went up to tier-4. The club was expected amongst top 3-4, so nothing too amazing, although reputation-wise, we weren't the best in the league.
I immediately did good in tier-4, although I missed promotion 3 times in a row by just one spot/a few points.
I switched my tactic, finally got the promotion.
In tier-3, we had by far the lowest reputation. Like, tier-5 clubs still had better reputation than us. Expected last, we ended up champion.
In tier-2, again, tier-5 teams have better reputation and we can't attract players at all. Expected last, we did very good until january, then got a bad form, and finished 12th.
I'm about to start my 2nd season in tier-2 :)
By the way, tier-2 is the best division Stade Poitevin ever got to. once, and they finished 18th. So it's already historic.


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Won the Euros (2020), 2020/21 UEFA Nations league and 2022 World Cup with England
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Won CHL, Coppa Italia and came second in the league in first season with Inter. 5 points from Juventus :(

Never have I won CHL in the first season before, not even in fm19 where this tactic were even better because it worked with so many teams. Haven't had quite the same good runs this year so far but this and my mate who won Europa League in the first season with Wolves.
Solid start to the season in my 06/07 save. Distin ahs been banging in the goals from CB. (no ive no idea why).

Football Manager 2020 19_04_2020 12_48_59.png

Football Manager 2020 20_04_2020 22_11_25.png

Football Manager 2020 20_04_2020 22_16_48.png

Football Manager 2020 19_04_2020 18_19_09.png

Got sacked by Hannover after promotion to the Bundesliga and a few really bad luck games, only to win the DFB-Pokal three times in a row with Gladbach (+DFL Supercup against Bayern). After three extremely successful years I was offered a job at Old Trafford and as you can see, couldn't resist :D
At Old Trafford I won my very first Champions League title in my three years of playing Football Manager after winning over my (new) old love Gladbach in the semis. Those six "Auszeichnungen" are 5x manager of the month (the time of my life, gaining record breaking 20 wins in a row) and a manager of the year award. Currently looking to rebuild parts of my team with some 300mio in the transfer budget due to an investor buying the club half a year ago. Can't say I don't like it but spending big amounts of money... not my forte to be honest :)

(Weird how it doesn't show my first year at Hannover in the 2. Bundesliga... I guess it's because I joined on the 17. of June when the 19/20 season has already started?)
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