FM2011 on Netbook Query


Feb 5, 2011
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I'm looking into getting a netbook, and have decided to get one with Windows XP so that I can run FM2011 on it when taking train journeys etc.

I notice that some people are running the game on Windows 7, but as I understand it the game won't actually standardly work with Windows 7 on a netbook, so is it the case that anyone running the game on a Windows 7 netbook is overclocking their netbook to get it to work?

I know the game won't be great on a netbook and I won't be able to play the game in 3D, but for current budget and portability reasons I'm looking at netbooks just to serve me on my travels over the coming months before properly replacing my current (now fairly knackered) 2.5 year old Acer.

Netbook Specs of the XP Netbook I'm looking at:

1.60 GHz Atom N270
2GB Ram
Intel GMA 950 Graphics
It won't be able to handle it. Netbooks aren't for gaming.
I think it can run it, but undoubtedly, you will face performance issues (heating, screen rips and slow running of the program) since as stated above, netbooks aren't really configured to play high powered applications.
I have same spec as you, mine came with Seven but i put XP on it.

Just tried it with one league 'premiership' and it ran ok, and 2D obvously.
it looks a bit grainy at this resolution.

I don't see why it wouldn't work with Seven... give it a try because i did play FML on seven when i originally got my netbook.
Yeah? Okay, that's good to know that it'll run on XP. Thanks. :) I'll be ordering that netbook then I reckon!

I just looked at the specs for FML and the minimum requirement is said to be a 1.6 processor, whereaas for FM2011, the official specs say you need a 2.0Ghz processor, so I reckon it's probably best to stick with XP as I know now that I'll definitely be able to get it to run on there, whereas Seven remains questionable without overclocking.

Thanks again for testing it out for me. :)