Feb 14, 2010
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Hi, been playing FM games for years now and have really enjoyed playing them but FM2013 has got me so frustrated as it has so many errors on the pitch. I've noticed many errors when the teams are playing but the one main error that annoys me is when my player tackles the opposition and he stands still and the opposition runs off with the ball!!! I also see other errors within the game that spoil FM2013. Just want to know are there people out there who have similar problems when playing FM2013?

Always going to be bugs and FM13 has its fair share, just hope they're resolved in upcoming updates.
Just play the new sim city then your opinions may change;)
If I'm thinking of what you're thinking of, it's not a bug, just bad animation. It means the opposition player has used close control to evade the challenge and then dribbled away from the tackler.

The FM match engine has always looked much better if you use your imagination to fill in the blanks, but that said, I do think animation of close control looks really poor in FM13 for some reason.
Yes, a lot of the ''errors'' in the game are animation errors rather than bugs. I watch the games in 2D Classic so I can use my imagination.