FM21: Frustration and Rage Thread

so I'm managing a newly promoted club Hungerford to Vanarama National, we start the season everything is going good I'm at the top of the league, and then all of a sudden my team stops scoring and winning. I realize we are overachieving and players are being complacent. how do I avoid/overcome this situation?

I use only one tactic. pep talks and shouts are by the staff member with the highest motivation attribute.

any further details will be gladly shared, just ask

thank you
Demand more and praise works wonders for me.. 1st min Demand more.. goal.. demand more... demand more.. demand more.. goal.. demand more
Last 15 min praise if winning, 2 half repeat.. Also new contracts keep them happy, before they ask you, but some times you will go up to quick so the players get a shock.. be prepared not to go up back to back and or win every game, hope that helps and Happy saves
How does 0,61 xG turn into 3 goals?! Why does they AI always vastly "out score" their xG?! xG is even more infuriating than comparing CCC's in previous games!

Send the AssMan to a post-game press and he says "he's is open for dicussions" on our star player we're desperately trying keep hold. Motherf*****! :mad:

There needs to be an option on what he is allowed to say so that I dont have attend every press conference.

Now the new guy did this as well! Do I need to now sack him as well! 😂 Stop saying were "open for dicussions" on our star striker!
Playing a two team game.

WHUFC - 94 points
Athletic Club - 97 points

Both teams recording best season without winning the title :ROFLMAO:

In the PL, ManUtd won with 33 - 3 - 2
In La Liga, BFC won with 33 - 2 - 3

Can't wait to see what these two teams will be able to replicate next season.
And btw, ManUtd is also in the FA cup and CL finals....
Letting attacker just walk in to score near post as the "improved" keeper is on his knees waving his arms.
Not something that i'm raging about as such, more just something that I find badly undermines the immersion of the game.

I'm just going into the 27/28 season. I've managed Hertha, Stade Rennais and Sampdoria so far.

In 7 seasons I have won 10 cups, including a Champions League with Hertha. 3 league titles as well. I won Ligue 1 with Stade Rennais! I've yet to go a season without some form of silverware, and my lowest league position is 3rd.

So obviously, having resigned from Sampdoria, as a young English manager, all of the top Premier League times are absolutely desperate to secure my services? I mean, of course they are, right?

Wrong. I've just had my applications turned down at both Newcastle and Tottenham.

Additionally, I don't think that any club has approached me at any point during the entire save.

Thanks for this thread.

So im playing an FM Fantasy League using Fantasy Draft feature vs other managers.

It's so frustrating cus there's no Opposition Instructions and everybody was playing the same way on this 21.3.0 update.

Put the very high LoE, lower def line and two up front. You can eliminate opponents press, like Thanos wipe the half of universe, just like that and put the ball behind defenders.

It's so f hard to play against and the most frustrated thing is everyone playing that way!

I'm lost my mind on how i see everyone playing IWBs that play overlap. They're very good at win the ball back up top and very difficult to break down.

I've lost my mind!

This 21.4.0 is very bad!!!
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Letting attacker just walk in to score near post as the "improved" keeper is on his knees waving his arms.

Yes, just put two strikers up top with left-footed striker as STCL and right-footed striker STCR. You'll lose by 6 goals.
...My team 2-1 up... 96min 2-2... VAR looking at..
Me :)))))
AI...Var says Goal! And the 1st ever VAR goal goes to... AI
:-(((((((( MFKING...
Really last update is a joke. The game physics looks wrong.. especilly the ball is all over the place. Backwards.
Haaland scoring 100 per season, 300 total team goals, unrealistic?! Yes but I don't care, the world is a very surreal at the moment.
Not good Sport Interactive, fix it! I love FM.

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Wonder if the ME will ever let the attacking players actually try to turn around and shoot when getting the ball inside the box with their back against the goal. Or do they always just keep passing the ball out of the box! The way that the attacking player behave in the box (when they are not one on one) is by far the unrealistic aspect of the ME in my opinion. Too much passing going on inside the box. I guess thats just another artificial way to keep down the score. Put more shooting PI and they shoot from the midfield.
GK are so vunerable defending free kick,every free kick with decend taker is half goal...
Thats make me so angry every time when oposition have free kick you must pray to not concede goal..

The numbers just don't add up..13+8=21 not 26.. and 8+2=10 not 11...This last patch is killing me.
why do most portugese clubs only offer part time contracts for scouts , annoys me, not sure how it effects it to be fiar