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FM21 is, in my opinion, the best version of the game by some distance. So, why is the user interface so astonishingly poor?


Jun 23, 2020
This mainly references the absolute monstrosities that are press conferences and team talks, but there are several nickpicks other than those two features.
Press Conferences - At least, AT LEAST one third of the screen is left completely unoccupied, vacant, bare, and naked, begging for some attention, whilst journalists questions are unnecessarily crammed into a tiny section at the bottom of the screen?!? This is even worse, amazingly, in the player interaction section. Why am I having to SCROLL FOR MORE RESPONSES WHEN THERE IS 50% OF THE SCREEN EMPTY?????
Team talks - It has been referenced heavily on SI forums and a few times on this sub, but could they have found a more unintuitive and overwhelming means of relaying team talk information? I can somewhat understand that they aimed for a 'realistic' approach by having players laid out as if they are in a dressing room, but it just makes my head hurt.
More grievances include: https://trackeasy.fun/usps/ https://showbox.tools/
  • In match previews (and season previews), players names being shortened to their first three letters and then '...' despite the fact that there is barren space within the rest of the pitch!
  • 'The Dugout' feature, which is moderately handy, but takes up a huge portion of the match screen with no means of minimising/making it smaller
  • Under 23s & 18s 'team preview' emails deciding to go completely against the grain of every other team layout, and zooming so far into the XI that you have to scroll to see the rest of the midfield and defence?? Where is the consistency???
I can only assume others are suffering from the same issues as I, and feel free to comment below with other irks
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