[FM22] Rate my Regen/Newgen Thread

Sep 8, 2010
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Hello everybody. As usual...
New FM, new thread
Have you found a gem of a regen from an obscure country that you have never heard of, got him capped and feel proud?
Want to get your regen rated as you feel that he is the best regen ever?
Maybe you want some advice on your regen, how to play him, what should you train him on?
There is no specific format to follow, just post up a screenshot of your regen! If you need to, also along with your screenshot you could have a bit of background information about him, like where you got him, how much you paid or anything similiar.
If you don't know what a newgen is, then here is a short explanation:
A randomly generated player that the game throws out to compensate for retirements etc... This is so you don't end up with no players in the game after you have played for a long enough time for all real players to retire from the game. These can normally be identified by the 'Newgen face' which looks like a computer generated face, although these can be turned off, so don't dismiss someone's player due to the lack of face.
Please, only post newgens in here. Feel free to tell us about how good they are, how you found them, what you paid, their goalscoring records etc. Also, feel free to comment on other peoples newgens! Although, don't be the **** that goes 'OMG U EDITED HIM', because at the end of the day, it's just a game, people shouldn't post edited players, but if they do it's not a massive deal.
I just bought this monster for my Arsenal save for 15 mil...best piece of business i`ve done this season