Fm23 Console Questions


Apr 7, 2023
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I’m new to FM from fifa. I’m currently playing on ps5.
  1. Thoughts/recommendations on group training vs individual training?
  2. Does tactical training do anything since there is no tactical familiarity on console from what I can tell?
  3. With no scouting section, are there recommendations or guides on Recruitment focuses and player search? I generally like to do youth focused builds, rebuilds, or a selling club of some sort like Southampton or Ajax.
  4. I have a 4-3-3 tiki taka tactic and a 4-3-3 wing play tactic, player roles aren’t necessary the same between the 2, should I change players each game when using the different formations or do players just improve with game time regardless of their star rating in a formation omegle xender?
  5. How should I set up training for a player that has 2 different roles in 2 different formations as stated above? Example: tiki task has a false 9 striker and wing play has a deep lying playmaker striker
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