FM24 should revamp how transfers work

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Sep 1, 2011
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Hi to anyone taking time out to have a read of my suggestion for the new FM.

It’s pretty straightforward, I think the current transfer system on FM is very rudimentary and quite phoned in.

Being a Liverpool fan im always hearing reports of player x, and player y but the one thing that always stands out to me is that fact that the very first step in these transfers are the conversations with the player and the agents, I believe FM should try and mirror that as much as they can. The current option of having the option to speak to the agent is just a way of finding out if the player is interested in your club, which is something the scouts do in their reports, along with salary estimates, so personally i dont see any point in that feature. It should go down the route of players having to be convinced of joining your club, they should have swaying towards bars for each team that have opened a dialogue. All the conversations should be based obviously on the core thats already there, promises! Promises on playing time, position, style of play, projects, promise of rebuilds, revamping coaching staff, etc. This should all form part of convincing a player to your project, there should be time in between these conversations to create some suspense, having agents come back and explaining other clubs convos, and then this can feed into the relationship feature for the agents aswell, the better the relationship the quicker they respond, the more honest and transparent the insights of what other clubs have promised. You should be able to invite family to the training facilities, players to finals (hate Bellingham!) and agents to transfer meetings.

After all the conversations have been had, and verbal agreements made, there should still be doubt in that players can reneg on agreements, depending on their personality traits, along with the agents, possibilities are endless.

Only then can you speak to the club and actually bid, but if you dont follow through, this will impact any future relationships with the agents and players. On the flipside you can ask players and agents to force it through on their side, and again you can bring personality traits into this, which can make it easier or harder for you.

I just think this will improve the replayability of FM, even though its a fantastic game, i think there are always room for improvements!

Let me know what you guys think?!