FM24 | Tactical Masterclass


Nov 12, 2020
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BACK BY UNPOPULAR DEMAND... THE WORST TACTIC THE WORLD OF FM HAS EVER SEEN... HAS RETURNED! Yes that's right folks our manager Nit Wit is back and he has created a really bad tactic in the aim of taking Chelsea from Premier League to League Two. With possible bankruptcies in the middle!

After relegation from the Premier League, Chelsea start life in the championship. Nit Wit the manager who saw them relegated has created another tactic. One that'll get them bad results once again. Also the mass overspending by Chelsea these past few years has caused them to be in debt. With administration hanging over them not once but twice this season.

After two relegations in two years and two administrations in one season, Chelsea are hating life under Nit Wit. Now with life in League One and a really bad squad and tactic will another relegation follow?

Well, we have finally left Chelsea! I bet their fans are rejoicing! But now the journeyman aspect comes in and we are moving to Algeciras with the aim to now win every major competition in Spain and Europe in five seasons! While using good tactics! This first season's tactic is GYR's Groot!

Testing Delicious' 4231 Death Star can we gain promotion for our unfancied newly promoted Algeciras side?

A revamped and renewed Tactical Masterclass is now underway! With GYR's Loki V2 can we conquer League 2 and get Cambridge United promoted at the first time of asking?

After the last episode's record-breaking season, the U's are back in League One with a point to prove. Using GYR's Green Goblin Tactic can we get back-to-back promotions?

We are in the Championship with The U's! Can we do well and best the club's highest-ever league finish? Or will we do what people are thinking we'll do and get relegated straight away? With a community made tactic glory is abound!

It's Cambridge's first-ever time in the top flight of English football! Can we survive relegation with another well-made community tactic? Or will we be destined for Championship football next season?

After a successful season last time round can we now kick on and make Cambridge United a good mid-table team in the Premier League? Maybe even win a cup?

This season we mean business. Using another good tactic and building a better side we aim to do everything in our power to get continental football!

After qualifying for the Champions League last season, The U's now aim to improve and attempt to win an FA Cup! Can we do it? And how will we do in the UCL?

It's time to win the Premier League with Cambridge United! After building the club up from League 2, the aim of the Premier League trophy could just be the pinnacle of our time here!

It's time to win the Premier League with Cambridge United! After building the club up from League 2, the aim of the Premier League trophy could just be the pinnacle of our time here!

After winning the Premier League last year, we go into this season as Cambridge favourites to do it again! As it's the final season, the aim is to also win the Champions League for the first time in our history! Can we do it?

Well, it's time for a new club in Tactical Masterclass in Dagenham & Redbridge and a new international team in Uruguay! With really good tactics can we conquer football? Or will we be destined to be second-best?

With a severe lack of money can we get promoted out of the national league with Dagenham & Redbridge? And with Uruguay's 2026 World Cup Qualification heating up can we go on and book our spot? What's is to be expected is a tough season ahead!