FM24 - The Pentagon Challenge

3rd December 2028
End of Season

Transfers Out


We sold some players who were not good enough to be playing at the level we are currently at.
The only player I didn't really want to lose was our keeper Taiki Yamada but the board accepted the transfer from Vissel Kobe so we had no opinion on the subject.

Transfers In

Kazuo Chiba - 12.25m


The most expensive signing we've made so far in our career and let's just appreciate how good this guy really is. This is definitely one of the players we need to play around if we want to win the ACL soon and looking at him we may need to ensure we get it fast otherwise I can't see him keep playing for us for much longer.

Keita Suzuki - 3.6m


The replacement we found for Yamada came in from Albirex Niigata and he honestly looks good. I like the agility but I'm hoping he can develop his reflexes.

Tetsuro Fukazawa - 2m


We also signed a new backup left back and is another youngster for the future.

Yohei Mago - 750k


We lost 3 wingers in the transfer window so I had to make a move more a new one and Mago was the one we found. He lacks speed but is very good with the ball in his feet.

Kenji Miyamoto - 1.6m


Another youngster joins our team and this time is a center back. Even though he's only 18 he's already our 2nd best option for the position and he is left footed too which is a bonus.

Ayasse Ueda


Another international player who was without a club signed for our team after hsi contract expired.

Mpho Peterson - 450k


The last signing we made was a player we already knew. Peterson was one of our key players when we won the CAF and hopefully will be part of our team when we lift the AFC. To be honest I have no idea how he and Chiba were not instantly sold to Europe but I'm just glad we got them first.



The 2nd part of the season didn't start too well. We got eliminated from the cup and suffered 3 league defeats in 2 months. We also drew 4 games in a row but we were finally able to find ourselves in the last 5 game run of the season.

League Table


We weren't champions but we were able to finish 2nd in the league and qualify for the AFC.
However, we will only play our first continental match at the end of next season since the AFC runs from September to May whilst the Japanese season runs from February to December. We will basically play the entirety of next season and hopefully the first half of the next one. If we fail in winning the AFC we will have to stay an extra year in Japan but this is not really a race is it?



We don't have quite the same amount of money we had when we first joined but we still have some to bring in some new faces.

Random Stuff


Another coaching course on the books for Quim and honestly we may end up getting them all during our stay in Japan.​