Mar 27, 2012
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Guys , anyone know how to make the "latest transfer update - LFC Marshall's one" work on FMC ?
I saw some posts here saying that you should start normal FM , choose db's and when you reach the nations go back and start a FMC ... i done everything but when the game is loading on FMC , it crashes :/
Anyone help me please ?! Will be appreciated :) thanks mates
Are you pressing the back button all the way back or are you pressing "quit to start screen" on the tab on the top left?
The going back thing worked on earlier patches but SI have 'fixed' it. Obviously one of the 'new' features in FM14 FMC will be to add custom databases/leagues
I started a new game on FMC yesterday and managed to use an edited database. I recommend getting to the nation screen and the using the back buttons...it took about three attempts for me. Not sure why it didnt work first time, it was quite annoying. Just get to the nations screen in the full game and go back. Should work after a couple of attempts
Still doesn't work :F
Will wait for the official update :)
But thanks