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FMFormation's Database Update v1.0 [02/05/07]

Sep 29, 2005
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FMFormation.net Presents
FMF's Database Update V1.0

DOWNLOAD: Click here... (You need to be a member to download)

Version 1.0 of FMFormation's Database Update is released!

Our scouting team has worked overtime to make sure you guys get the best database update possible. We are very proud of this update and we hope you will all like it.

We want to keep this topic nice and simple. That's why we created a Read Me which got pretty much all the information in it. Please visit http://dbupdate.fmformation.net for an INSTALLATION GUIDE, F.A.Q. and other things that are good to know.


General Changes:

* Thousands of transfers and loans processed.
* Over 750 new players added.
* Staff changes. Hired managers, resigned manager, new chairmen etc. etc.
* Renewed contracts of many players and managers.
* Loans till December/January have been removed. Future January transfers have been made permanent.

Detailed Changes:

* Checked Holland Eredivisie and Jupiler League club by club.
* Checked Ireland Eircom and First Division club by club.
* Tons of England First Division till Conference North/South transfers processed.
* Checked Carnegie Irish League carefully for changes.
* Daily checked FootballTransfers, Goal and BBC Sports for transfers.
* Swiss league has been checked club by club.
* Removed old loans (ended in December/Januari) and old injuries in England and Scotland.
* Processed a lot of Swedish transfers which happend in January.
* Many Portugese transfers processed. Also bunch of old loans removed.
* Club by club transfers for the Czech First Division in the January transfer period.
* U.S.A. MLS check club by club.
* Added 100 USA players thanks to the MLS 2007 draft.
* A lot of Norwegian transfers processed.
* Turkish Super League transfer period has been processed club by club.
* Swedish Allsvenskan club by club transfers processed.
* A lot of Greece transfers processed.
* Russian Premier Division has been optimized.

Players Added Per Country:

* Moldova (40)
* Costa Rica (22)
* New Zealand (15)
* Portugal (32)
* Andorra (8)
* Albania (77)
* Azerbaijan (47)
* Armenia (50)
* Norway (16)
* Bosnia (5)
* Tunisia (4)
* Kenya (13)
* Morocco (6)
* Japan (172)
* Mexico (11)
* Scotland (3)
* England (At least 24)
* Holland (At least 25)
* Spain (28)
* Egypt (53)
* Sweden (1)
* Germany (15)
* U.S.A. (100)
Total: 778

Please refer to the Read Me for more information (also about the Real Fixtures).

We hope you all enjoy v1.0 of FMFormation's Database Update. If you find any mistakes or forgotten transfers please post them in this topic. For new transfers we made another topic @ FMFormation.

Best regards,

FMF Staff and Scouts

P.S. Don't forget to hit the Thanks button!