FMFormation's Database Update V4 [02/08/06]


Sep 29, 2005
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FMF's Database Update V4


DOWNLOAD: Click here...

Version 4 of FMFormation's Database is released! Again, we've changed a lot...

Below you see the other features compared to the previous version. When it says Club by Club Transfers of a country we mean that we've checked the Ins & Outs of every club in that competition.

Other features: (compared to FMFormation's Database Update V3):

- Hundreds of transfers, loans, retirements, contracts, youth added, released players
- Italian Promotion/Relegation (Sorry for the late change)
- Really Loads Of Transfers In The English Nationwide Conference National And Lower (Thanks To scarandy)
- Belgium Torough Check For Transfers
- American MLS Club by Club (Thanks to Brian)
- Chilean League Club by Club (Thanks to El Berto)
- Chilean Promotion/Relegation
- Irish Premier League Club by Club (Thanks to Tazskool)
- Lots Of Swedish Transfers And Other Changes (Thanks to curci21)
- Lots Of Danish Transfers And Other Changes (Thanks to SotD)


Open the exe file and follow instructions. The installation folder is set as default to C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2006\data\db\. If you've installed FM2006 to an another folder make sure you change it to the correct folder.

It is STRONGLY advised you backup your database incase of problems.

Help us out:

We can always use your help with upcoming versions. Here's a list with usefull links:

- (The home of
- (The Database Update section)

Well, that's it guys. Thanks to everyone who helped us making V4 a lot better then V3. We hope you enjoy our database update and have fun playing!


FMFormation Crew
In the next version mate when you post a huge amount of changes needed to be made. :D
Thanks Bozza these are great i was having a quick play with v3 the other day unfortunately time isnt a commodity i have alot of at moment (**** work :mad: )

Anyway had a quick play in the Aussie League and the only thing i noticed is it's actually the Hyundai League not Hyandai, minor spelling mistake i know and who really cares.

Once again Thanks
lol keane gets signed for free by man united for some reason. Good update. The "Hyandai" mistake also appeared in another patch i had i just changed it in editor.