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Jun 8, 2010
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Football Manager First Team (FMFT) is a site that has been around for a few months but has recently passed into my hands and through unforeseen circumstances got wiped. this allowed the site to begin again, with a new fell and a new focus.

FMFT is a great place for football discussion and also provides quality graphics, player guides, Tactical advice, FM Stories and even general sports chat. with our friendly community environment we can guarantee you will enjoy your time at the site.

I hope you can give the site the chance and check it out. we love new members and will try our very best to make you feel welcomed and a part of the community

Owner & Admin of FMFT
When I clicked a thread, a massive black box blocked out the OP? :S
thats cause it was offline... but its open for business now
thats cause it was offline... but its open for business now
Looks good but I'll wait a few weeks before signing up to see how it develops. Skin looks really nice.
Luke: Strange :/ ill talk to Jos about it when she's gets back.

Out of interest, is anyone else having this problem?
im not sure what the problem is, have you tried a different browser? i use chrome and it works perectly

I use Chrome too :S

By any chance would the forum software be from Invision Power Services? That's the same software as the Rovers forum and I've been having the same problem over there :(
Working fine for me, nice site as well. I'll have a look round it properly when i have some more time :)
Y'all best sign up and post! Will be a great site once we get going!
How did you get hold of the site lol.
Anyways if we were members previously do we have to re-sign up?
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