Apr 23, 2012
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Beta 1

- Transfers updated (Pedro Costa at Boavista, Cesinha at Petrolul)
- Loans updated / corrected (Michel at Braga by loan of Benfica, etc.)
- Free agents (Harmony Ikande, Urreta, Labinot Harbuzi, etc.).
- Position reviewed (Enzo Pérez, Matic etc.).
- Creation of players (Iván Rodríguez, etc.).
- Attributes reviewed (Lima, Cardozo, etc.).
- CAs and PAs revised (André Gomes, Jackson Martínez, etc.).
- Staff updated (Frank Vercauteren at Sporting at Sporting Dominguez B, etc.)
- Club's satellites updated (Barreirense and Casa Pia are no longer Sporting satellites, etc.)
- Reputations clubs updated (Arouca, Moreirense, etc.)
- Contracts renews updated (Carlos Martins, etc.).
- Stadiums updated (Leiria plays in the Campo da Portela)
- History of the Liga ZON Sagres corrected.
- And much more ...

- Transfers updated / corrected (Milan's player Bojan in co-ownership with Roma, Antonino Bonvissuto at Cremonese, etc.).
- Loans updated (Andreu Fontàs at Mallorca by loan of Barcelona, ​​Alberto Ricter at Fondi by loan of Parma etc.).
- Staff updated (Francesco Carbone manager of Ascoli U18, etc.).
- Free agents (Alesio Bonjour, etc.)
- Positions reviewed (Feghouli, etc.).
- Attributes revised (Pepe, Cristiano Ronaldo, etc.).
- CAs and PAs revised (Özil, Cristian Tello, etc.).
- Contracts renews updated (Maicosuel, Pablo Armero, etc.).
- Corrected Nationalities (Fernando Amorebieta)
- Corrected Relations (Messi's idol is Aimar, Christian Maldini son of Paolo Maldini, etc.).
- Injuries updated (Tomas Ujfalusi, etc.).
- And much more ...

- Transfers updated / corrected (Bernardo Corradi at Montreal Impact, etc.).
- Attributes reviewed (Sanna Nyassi, etc.).
- Free agents (Brian Sylvestre, Gabriel Gómez, etc.).
- Correction of name teams (Stenton University Stetson University Hatters for Hatters)
- Historical Updated

- Transfers updated (Celsinho in Londrina, etc.).
- Free agents (Juan Román Riquelme, Rivaldo, etc.).
- Loans updated (by Willian Jose Santos on loan. São Paulo, etc.).
- Staff updated (Guillermo Barros Schelotto in Lanús, etc.).
- Historical Updated

- Transfers updated (Izu Azuka in ES Tunis, Salomon Assante in Mazembe, etc.).
- Free agents (Dulee Johnson, etc.).

- Transfers updated (Luka Savic Army Force in Singapore, Stephen Appiah in Persepolis, etc.).
- Loans updated (Daniel Guiza in Johor by emp. Getafe, etc.).
- Staff updated (Crown PP, etc.).
- Creation of teams (FC Zimdra)

- Transfers updated (Tom Wiss Team in Wellington, Takuya Iwata in Auckland City, etc.).
- Players created (Eddie Branch, Shadrack Ramoni, etc.).

- Deceased personal removed (Hussein Dokmak, Alex Alves, etc.).

Many thanks to acarlosc, Almeida, Mingos and all of FM Portugal Community

Beta 3 - Light Version
- Recently Updated top leagues in Europe, with transfers and ascents/descents
- Transfers updated since 1st May until 31th May (Djuricic at Benfica, Diego Reyes in Porto, Jefferson at Sporting, etc..)
- Contracts revised (Philippe Senderos, etc..)
- Finances changed (Monaco, Malaga, etc.).
- Creation of players (Diogo Neiva, etc..)
- Revision of attributes (Eric Dier, Nabil Ghilas, etc..)
- Names of some players updated (Samu Hadelberg, etc..)
- Retirements Updated (Alex Ferguson, David Beckham, Paul Scholes, etc.).
- Duplicated players removed
- Club satellites updated ( Mirandela satellite of Gil Vicente, Olivais e Moscavide without parent clubs, etc.).
- Deaths removed (Carmelo Imbriani, etc..)
- And much more ...

Warning: This beta is exclusively made ​​for those who want to play in six major European leagues. Other leagues such as the Turkish, Dutch, Scottish, are slightly updated!

Thanks to: Hugooo!, Neves, Mingos, Almeida, MiguelTrigueiros and all users of forum FM Portugal.


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Beta 7 - Updated until 25th August
- Ascents/descents updated in most of the European leagues.
- Transfers updated since 1/8 (Fejsa at Benfica, Slimani at Sporting Lisbon, João Ribeiro at Olhanense, Willian at Chelsea, Bale at Real Madrid, etc.)
- Loans updated (Castro at Kasimpasa, Puncheon at Crystal Palace, etc..)
- Addition of the pop star of "One Direction", Louis Tomlinson to Doncaster in non-contractual system.
- Some teams in the Senior NC (Portugal) updated (Famalicão, Boavista, Salgueiros, etc..)
- Free Agents (António Adán, Verpakovskis, etc..)
- Attributes revised (Gonçalo Paciência, Luis Alberto, Peter Crouch, etc..)
- Staff updated (Olhanense, Stockport, etc..)
- Creating players (Maia (Salgueiros), Gledrius Matulevicius (Parma), etc..)
- Retired players updated (Louis Saha, Craig Gordon, etc.).
- Duplicated players removed.
- Deaths removed.
- And more...

Update-Makers: Daniel Ferreira, neves e Hugooo!
Thanks to: Shelton, Mingos, Voltrex, MiguelTrigueiros, Bazemore, josewhite, damas, Sobrado, duke29, _Vitor_ and all users of FM Portugal, CM Portugal and the various groups dedicated to Football Manager on Facebook.

WARNING - To appear Brazilian some players that are loaned out to Portuguese teams, you have to choose all brazilian players in the customized DB.

DONATIONS - For those who want to have Beta 8 earlier than the scheduled date, you must have donate something because it is unfair to the others who have to wait. To make donation, just have to have Paypal and make a donation here: