Jan 6, 2010
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Hi, firstly not sure if thsi is the right section, so move it if its bothering anyone.

But anyway, my best player wanted to leave because he didn't get on with my assistant manager, so i downloaded FMRTE, to make him a prefered person, but when I click the FMRTE icon to open it, it says 'The parameter is incorrect' anyone know what what means?And if theres anything I can do to fix it. Thanks :)
Download the latest version of it? Maybe you havent updated FMRTE when you downloaded the new 11.2.1 patch?
Firstly, have you got NET Frameworks 4 installed on your Operating System?

Or it could be that you dont have the version compatible with the update version you are using.
yeah I think its me having non compatible versio becuase when I click Mine FMRTE it tells me it doesnt work on my version, anyone know how to change it?