FMRTE Tatics puts me bottom of league


Jan 25, 2011
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I tried using the tatics generated by FMRTE v4.1 beta to pick my selection/formation for FM 2011 (11.2.1 patch) however it seems to only succeed in dumping my team (Tranmere) firmly at bottom of npower league 1 after 26 matches trailing the next team by 7 points. So it seems I'm useless regardless of whether I cheat or not. What am I doing wrong? This is getting depressing.

The thing is with FM, too cheat effectively you've actually got to know abit about the game, you always find people who are new to FM and cheat straight away and it never works. A Large majority of people who play FM have played manager games for years, me personally ive been playing since Championship Manager 01/02.. i think most people have cheated some time or other, when i get bored ill give somebody like Man Utd a stupid amount of money and just have a mess about but i think you can only get better by playing the game properly and experiance it for what it is, you against the machine and thats how its meant to be played
The thing that makes me suspicious about FMRTE is that I personally favour 4-4-2 and my assistant occassionally advices an alternative formation (Pre match meeting) for a particular opponent but FMRTE always recommends 3-4-1-2 and picks players which are demotivated/off form or suspended. I've stuck withe this 3-4-1-2 formation to see if it was any better than mine and it turns out worst. I'm a bit bemused by that.

I don't want to cheat to the extent that I swap players and add to budget. I just wanted to see how high Tranmere could get with current squad. So formation/player selection is the only area of FMRTE I'm interested in.